Damnation Festival

We are looking forward to playing at Damnation Festival in Leeds on November 2nd!

Euroblast 2019

We are proud to announce that we will be playing at this year’s Euroblast Festival!


Katatonia tour

We will be supporting Katatonia on their Night Comes Down Over Europe Tour in late May!


Moving Backwards is out now!

Our new album ‘Moving Backwards’ is out now!

If an album is nothing more than a snapshot of where a band is at a given point in their life-cycle, then "Moving Backwards" is a record of a really cool moment in Wheel's development. The band was under an enormous amount of self-inflicted time pressure to complete the song writing, arranging, sound design and recording for the material and if anything, this has lent an organic immediacy and an ever-present, suspenseful chaos to the seven tracks on the recording.

Compared to their previous EPs, every part of the creative process was improved in some way. From collaborating more closely (including some really impactful creative contributions from recent addition to the team, guitarist Roni Seppänen), mix engineer, Jesse Vainio's phenomenal mic placement for the room sounds of the drum recording, broad experimentation with amplification and sound design and lyrics, contemplating modern society's descent into tribalism, "Moving Backwards" is the new standard Wheel have set for themselves, moving forward.

Festival Holledau 2019

We are very excited to be part of this year’s line up of Festival Holledau in Bavaria on July 5th!

Up The Chain single out now!

New song out now!

Up The Chain was inspired by countless politicians, CEOs and public figures who seem to view the poor with contempt and are only interested in dealing with those who can further their own interests. The notion that financial success is a choice that most people are failing to make is a dangerous delusion that highlights how completely unaware many of the world's most wealthy and powerful people really are about the plight of common people. The lyrics in the song are from the perspective of a member of this ruling class and how ruthlessness is rewarded while empathy is perceived as weakness.

Album Release Show

Our album launch gig will be at On The Rocks on 27.2. There are a limited number of tickets available so book early to avoid disappointment!

WHEEL otr FB ad.jpg

by:Larm Black 2019

New Norway show! We will be playing at by:Larm Black 2019 in Oslo on 1.3.2019.

Follow us on Spotify

Our album is coming out in 1 month - follow us on Spotify so you don’t miss new music when it arrives..

Where The Pieces Lie single

Where The Pieces Lie single and music video is out now!

”Where the Pieces Lie is a song about overcoming adversity, even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. So much of modern living seems to be about floating in a sea of chaos and hanging on by our finger tips, hoping the situation will improve. I still haven't figured out how to feel good about this absolute lack of control and this song details how I felt in my life, when this turbulence was at its worst. Everyone has limits and when we were making this track, I was pretty close to mine.” -James Lascelles

Listen to Where the Pieces Lie and preorder our debut album Moving Backwards here:

Comendatio Music Fest 2019

We are excited to announce that we'll be playing at Comendatio Music Fest in Tomar, Portugal in early June!


New shows announced

We'll be supporting the mighty Wintersun at two gigs in Finland next May:

10/5 Nosturi, Helsinki

11/5 Tuiskula, Nivala


Vultures released today and album release date announced

Our new single, Vultures, came out today. It is the first single from our upcoming album, Moving Backwards which will be released on 22.2.19. More music will be available soon so keep checking the site and our social media for all things Wheel. #keepitwheel #vulturessuck

Tour announcement


In the first of several big announcements this month, we can now confirm that we will be one of the support bands touring with Soen in Europe in 2019. For all of you who have asked us to visit a specific European city, there is a good chance we will be playing somewhere close to you next year - check dates below!

11.03.19 Stockholm (SE)

12.03.19 Oslo (NO)

13.03.19 Copenhagen (DK)

14.03.19 Hamburg (DE)

15.03.19 Berlin (DE)

16.03.19 Aschaffenburg (DE)

17.03.19 Stuttgart (DE)

18.03.19 München (DE)

20.03.19 Hagen (DE)

21.03.19 Cologne (DE)

22.03.19 Eindhoven (NL)

23.03.19 Groningen (NL)

25.03.19 London (UK)

27.03.19 Grenoble (FR)

28.03.19 Barcelona (ES)

29.03.19 Madrid (ES)

30.03.19 Porto (PT)

31.03.19 Lisbon (PT)

02.04.19 Paris (FR)

03.04.19 Pratteln (CH)

04.04.19 Milano (IT)

05.04.19 Roma (IT)

06.04.19 Fabriano (IT)

First gig with Amorphis (Laukaa)

We had an amazing night playing with Amorphis at Peurunka Areena last Thursday and are already pumped to get back on stage with them at the end of the month. Here is a shot Santeri took from the stage:

Amorphis gig picture.JPG

Neural DSP / Darkglass Electronics

We did a session with Neural DSP and Darkglass Electronics testing out Neural's excellent new Fortin Nameless suite over the summer. The plugin is a beast and it is by far the best digital amp sim we have ever used.

It's the first live recording session we have done and we learned a lot in the process. Massive thanks to the folks at Neural DSP, Darkglass Electronics and Sonic Pump Studios for putting the session together!