Moving Backwards is out now!

Our new album ‘Moving Backwards’ is out now!

If an album is nothing more than a snapshot of where a band is at a given point in their life-cycle, then "Moving Backwards" is a record of a really cool moment in Wheel's development. The band was under an enormous amount of self-inflicted time pressure to complete the song writing, arranging, sound design and recording for the material and if anything, this has lent an organic immediacy and an ever-present, suspenseful chaos to the seven tracks on the recording.

Compared to their previous EPs, every part of the creative process was improved in some way. From collaborating more closely (including some really impactful creative contributions from recent addition to the team, guitarist Roni Seppänen), mix engineer, Jesse Vainio's phenomenal mic placement for the room sounds of the drum recording, broad experimentation with amplification and sound design and lyrics, contemplating modern society's descent into tribalism, "Moving Backwards" is the new standard Wheel have set for themselves, moving forward.