Tour Schedule

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The Wheel is definitely moving forward, and here is all the information on their tour dates and upcoming schedule. The space is regularly updated, so do stay tuned for the latest updates. Also if you’d like to book your tickets at any of the shows, do click the associated link. Tickets can be purchased online, and the links will take you to the relevant pages for purchasing tickets. Another fun feature of buying your tickets from the site, is the advantage that Wheel artists bring for you. Constant freebies, gifts, lucky draws, memorabilia are all waiting to be won, and who knows, you may win a free ticket to one of their shows too.

River Festival
  • Venue: Lake Hall, Vermont, USA
  • Dates: 15,16 August 2020
  • Details: The show will feature many different artists and promises a two day extravaganza of the best artists. For exclusive lovers of the Wheel band, we will be on at 5:30pm to 7:30 pm on both evenings.