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    Great artists, compelling music
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    Music is the
    Universal Language

Music is their middle name, and with the Wheel, the journey is always fascinating. No one can exactly say how this group shot to fame, but perhaps, the one word that comes close to summing it up is ‘courage’. The four individuals who came together brought their own unique strengths, and with it the heart to give something great, something original and something fresh. When the wheels of their mind began churning, the lyrics and the music came together in perfect symphony. With each member complimenting the other, the strong collaboration and brotherhood resulted in great results. When a band made of artists as fascinating as these guys come together, magic is sure to be made.

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Having shot to fame with their debut performance in the album ‘Moving Backwards’, that has been a story in itself. Taking the world of listeners by surprise, shooting forwards is the way to go with these guys. Great artists, compelling music, lyrics that are both sharp and soulful, make this band a favourite for many

Each of its artists, the support crew and the many listeners across the world define the Wheel. Also, as the name sums it all, this group is all about movement, dynamism and new destinations. Slowly taking on the world stage through tours in various countries, keep an eye on their schedule, for they may soon be in your neighbourhood too. As great magic continues to be churned out by these four boys, here is all that you want to know about them and their music. From helping you stay tuned with their most recent music, excerpts from their interviews, videos, music trailers and much more, the action lies here. Scroll through the website and find all that you need. Driven by a strong desire to keep evolving, the group moves on, with its music, its mindfulness and its magic.